Guests : $8 per evening


Important dates


Start of the

Fall  2020 season -

Monday, September 14


Registration: Anytime in person


I.                  Game Board Rules

1-     When you arrive at the gymnasium or after having played a game, members must put their tags at the bottom of the waiting line.

2-     The player at the top of the waiting linemay choose to play doubles or mixed doubles. He then chooses his partners among the eight players that follow in the waiting line.

3-     Singles play will be allowed only when the number of places available on the courts exceeds the number of waiting players.


II.               Rules applying to guests

1-     Guests must pay the person in charge for that night of play or any executive member (identified by an E on their tag) before they get their guest tag.

2-     If a member brings a guest, they can combine their tags together at the beginning.